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About me


I am an architect, analog astronaut, researcher, and a PhD student at the Silesian University of Technology where I carry out research on space architecture with an emphasis on aspects of self-sufficiency in extreme environments. I'm CEO of the Extremo Technologies, where we are developing solutions for space and Earth based on extremophiles. In my current research work, I am also a Coordinator of the first in Poland space architecture research program "Scientific Program of Space Architecture" and the Space Architecture Student's Club where in interdisciplinary teams students develop projects connected with ergonomic design in space, space education, habitats and technologies, hydroponics, and more. I collaborated as a design researcher/architect with Space is More and the Lunares Research Station where I conducted my qualitative and expert research on human activities in isolated, extreme conditions of space habitats. So far I had an opportunity to collaborate with the Polish Space Agency, Extremo Technologies, Steller Fireworks, Science Now, Deep Space Initiative.



  • Extremo Technologies 
    CEO, We are working on projects and concepts based on extremophiles for space and Earth solutions. (now)

  • Deep Space Initiative
    Head of the Educational Department. Contributing to Milky Way Program, Space Architecture team. (now)

  • Polish Astrobiology Society
    Board member (now)

  • Space is More, Lunares Research StationAs an architect and designer 2021

  • Student’s Council of the President of Polish Space Agency,
    Head of the council 2021-2022

  • Lunares Research Station 2021
    Analog astronaut, researcher

  • M.A.R.S. Academic Project  2020

  • Founder, initiator and coordinator 2020

  • Academy of Business and Civil Society Leaders, 2020
    Mentee 2020-2021

  • Shesnnovation StartUp Academy, 2020
    Mentee, start-up founder 2020-2021

  • Student’s Forum Business Centre Club, Region Katowice, 2019 / As a Head of the Region, Human Resources Coordinator, Project Coordinator 

  • Science-art residency ART+DESIGN+SCIENCE, 2018
    Part of the multidisciplinary team “Spaceship Earth” 


  • About architecture in extreme conditions. How can space and extreme environment help architects design better? 73 rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC), Paris, France, 2022 / W. Dziaduła, K. Fross

  •  The PANDA space program in the LunAres habitat - research on needs and behavior during isolationThe PANDA space program in the LunAres habitat - research on needs and behavior during isolation. / Dream Silesia 2022 /  K. Fross, W. Dziaduła, L. Orzechowski, A. Mintus

  • Qualitative research in the LunAres space habitat / Dream Silesia 2022 / K. Fross, W. Dziaduła

  • Kosmiczny architekt i konstruktor - zawody przyszłości. W.Dziadula, K. Fross / Article in the Forum Budownictwa Śląskiego (61.62) 2022, ISNN 1643-6350 s. 37-41

  • Analogowe habitaty kosmiczne – badania i koncepcja własna / Analog space habitats - research and own concept / Builder Science 2022, „Builder” 3 (296). DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0015.7363 / K. Fross, W. Dziaduła

  • Kosmos na Ziemi – analogowe habitaty kosmiczne. Badania jakościowe podczas symulowanej misji kosmicznej / Space on Earth - analog space habitats. Qualitative research during a simulated space mission /Builder Science 2022,   „Builder” 7 (288). DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0014.9334 / K. Fross, W.. Dziaduła

  • Architektura w czasach zmian demograficznych. Działalność Studenckiego Koła Naukowego LAB60+ / Architecture in times of demographic changes. The activity of the LAB60 + Student Science Club / 2019,  Łódź U Like Conference / W. Dziaduła, K. Sosna, P. Dapa

  • Zmiany klimatu - nowy raport IPCC / Climate change - new IPCC report /  Architektura Murator Magazine, 2022

  • Kosmiczny architekt i konstruktor - zawody przyszłości / Space architect and constructor - future professions / Forum Budownictwa Śląskiego Magazine, 2022


Speaking opportunities

  • 08.12.2022 - WeNeedMoreSpace in Gliwice #1- speaker

  • 01.12.2022 - Galaktyka Kobiet X - expert panel discussion  - ESERO Poland, European Space Agency, Centrum Nauki Kopernik

  • 25.11.2022 -'Space architect - future profession' lecture for Liceum Ogólnokształcące Etz Chaim, STEAN Edu Students Club, Wrocław

  • 24.11.2022 "Space architect and constructor' presentation at XII Śląskie Forum Inwestycji, Budownictwa, Nieruchomości, Gliwice

  • 10.2022 CHAMS #1. International analogue Astronaut Workshop in Lunares, / Attendee. Community of Human Analogue Space Missions, Mars Society UK. Topics: Experiments for analogue space missions, Life support systems and human factors, Habitats, Piła, Poland

  • 09.2022 About architecture in extreme conditions. How can space and extreme environment help architects design better? Speaker. Presentation at International Astronautical Congress, Paris, France

  • 09.2022 Concept of an integrated deployable space habitat. Speaker and organizer - 1st Space Architecture Seminar, Scientific Program of Space Architetcure + APASmart company, Gliwice, Poland

  • 05.2022 Lunares Student’s Workshop for Student Club SpaceDesign_PolSl. Organizer. Scientific Program of Space Architecture x Lunares, Piła, Poland

  • 05.2022 Space Night Wrocław, Kids Workshop Tutor, Discussion Panel host. WroSpace x ExtremoTechnologies, Wrocław, Poland

  • 05.2022 Interdisciplinarity in Space Research, Speaker, International V KGK Space Resource Conference, Speaker. AGH, Kraków, Poland

  • 04.2022 The PANDA space program in the LunAres habitat - research on needs and behavior during isolation. Speaker. Presentation at International DREAM
    Silesia Conference, Gliwice, Poland

  • 11.2021 About the Lem and Space, Speaker, Organizers: Ministry of Development, Technology, Polish Space Agency, Warsaw, Poland

  • 10.2021 Observe the Moon with NASA and Polish Space Agency. Speaker, organizer, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice in collaboration with Polish Space Agency

  • 10.2021 Fireside chat with Space Architect hosted by Polish Space Agency. Gallivanter project. Speaker, Thursday Gathering, CosmisHub, Cambridge
    Innovation Center, Warsaw, Poland

  • 10.2021 Interview with the President of by Polish Space Agency. Host, Thursday Gathering, CosmicHub, Cambridge Innovation Center, Warsaw, Poland

  • 04.2021 Mars Hackaton, Participant, Organized by US Embassy Warsaw and Polish Space Agency, Warsaw, Poland

  • 03.2021 Relation from Analogue Mission - webinar, Speaker, Organized by Kraina Twórczości, online

  • 03.2021 My mission on the Moon, Speaker, Lecture for kids from Primary School No. 162 in Krakow, online

  • 12.2020 Architecture and space. How to design a cozy home on Mars? Webinar, Speaker, Organized by Podkarpackie Centrum Innowacji, online

  • 02.2020 Technology. The hi-tech revolution in the interior. Discussion Panel Member. 4DesignDays 2020, Property Design, Katowice, Poland

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